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What Is Crisis Care?

At Fresh Start Behavioral Health, Inc., we focus on compassionate, high-quality patient-centered care. Being available during a crisis – no matter the time – is a crucial part of our commitment as a care provider. Our certified professionals provide mental health and sobriety crisis support for individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, and other issues in Dayton, Cincinnati, and West Carrollton, OH. Our team will listen to your needs and work closely with you to create a personalized treatment plan that will lead you to positive health outcomes. Our crisis care treatment programs provide a lifeline and emotional support to help you navigate your troubles and lead you to new insights and awareness.

In a world where crises can strike at any moment, having immediate, compassionate, and comprehensive care can make all the difference. Fresh Start Behavioral Health Inc. offers crisis care as a beacon of hope and support for those navigating the stormy waters of mental health and substance abuse crises. This program, centered around the unique needs of each individual, provides a safety net and a pathway to recovery and stability. Crisis care provides an invaluable service and the following advantages:

  • Immediate response to urgent mental health and substance abuse situations
  • Access to certified professionals specializing in crisis support
  • Personalized treatment plans for effective recovery
  • A range of support including safety measures, monitoring, and stabilization
  • Referrals for ongoing support, including sober living and specialized care
  • A commitment to patient-centered care, available around the clock

What Can I Expect From Crisis Care?

Our dedicated behavioral health professionals are available to handle urgent mental health emergencies, such as situations involving a threat to oneself or others or high-risk drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Acting with compassion and promptness, our experienced teams assess the situation, provide necessary safety measures, monitoring, and stabilization during critical moments of crisis. Additionally, we may recommend community referral for ongoing sober living supports, hospital admission, and specialized care for suicide prevention to ensure comprehensive support for individuals in need.

Very good place to help you with what you need help with. Staff very professional, and courteous. Highly recommended if you need help with recovery, or mental health in general. Trust the process, and be honest. They will help you.

A.M. Google

Great place if you are serious about getting your life straightened out! Has a lot of structure and help for the people that are ready for it! It has changed my life for the better so far!

E.S. Google

This is a great place to be if u wanna be sober they help men and woman get there life's togther

D.B. Google

This program help me get my life back. I came in broken and they had my back the entire time. I am one of the first few clients to come to the program and I don't think I woulda made it this far without their full support.

M.S. Google

What a program!! The staff are awesome. Anyone needing treatment for substance abuse or any mental health issues, should really check this place out. Every need is catered to. I was welcomed with open arms and never judged. If I could give them 10 stars, I would. Thank you to all for everything you do!!

R.K. Google


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Ongoing Support

Crisis care treatment programs and how our certified counselors respond during a crisis are vital parts of any behavioral health practice. We plan for crises, intervening on your behalf and connecting with outreach treatment programs or healthcare admissions for placement in crisis referral programs. Fresh Start Behavioral Health, Inc. reassures patients have their needs met during a crisis and beyond. Reach out to our team in Dayton, Cincinnati, or West Carrollton, OH to receive ongoing support and recovery.

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Where can crisis care be received?

Crisis care can be provided in various settings, including emergency rooms, crisis stabilization units, crisis hotlines, psychiatric facilities, and community-based crisis intervention services.

How is crisis care different from regular healthcare?

Crisis care is distinguished by its immediate response to urgent situations. It focuses on stabilizing the individual during a crisis and connecting them with appropriate follow-up care. Regular healthcare involves ongoing preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic services.

Is crisis care only for mental health emergencies?

No, crisis care extends beyond mental health emergencies. It also includes responding to medical emergencies, substance abuse crises, domestic violence situations, and other acute challenges that require immediate attention.

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