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Fresh Start Testimonials

Chad A
“I was referred to Fresh Start by a therapist at a psychiatric hospital - and I haven’t looked back since. I found out very quickly that recovery is more than staying sober, it’s a lifestyle change. I am always checked in on by my peers, therapist, and the group facilitators. They made me take a deep, honest look at myself, my past, and what made me who I am today, to plan my future. The biggest selling point for Fresh Start is the tight knit, family aspect.”
Michael S
“Here at Fresh Start, I found the accountability that I was lacking. I have gained self respect, as well as some very important coping skills that keep me from using… After being successful in the program, Fresh Start offered me employment so that I can be helpful to new clients in the program. My life has gotten so much better in the last two years, and I feel its all thanks to Fresh Start.”
Aaron M
“I had nowhere to go, and no family support. Fresh Start accepted me for who I was, and they allowed me to live in Sober Living. From there I began intensive outpatient counseling sessions. I just remember feeling alone, shameful, miserable, and felt like a failure when I got here. Fresh Start staff worked with me everyday, and motivated me to do better. I learned effective skills to function daily without the use of drugs and alcohol. All from working with an amazing counselor who I trust, and has helped me grow as a person.”
David B
“Thanks to Fresh Start, I have been given a second chance at life and recovery. I have the utmost gratitude toward the staff here. They have equipped me with the proper skills needed to go forward in life as a productive member of society. Through patience, peer support, and hard work, I believe anyone can attain serenity and recovery through this program.”
Christopher A
“Fresh Start helped save my life. They taught me how to live without using alcohol or drugs. I have learned how to deal with everyday life by treatment and education provided by Fresh Start. Learning these skills while they provided somewhere safe to stay, showed me how to be a responsible and productive member of society.”
Randy H
“I have been able to address my thinking errors, character defects, and behaviors. This program has also given me positive coping mechanisms so I can make better decisions in life. I have structure and stability at Fresh Start. Since I’ve been here, doors have opened for me, I even work here now and I am so thankful. This program motivates me and inspires me, and I want people to know that hope is definitely found here.”
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