Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is a neurological condition hindering attention and impulse control, usually starting in childhood and persisting into adulthood. It may result in challenges at school or work, low self-esteem, and difficulties in social interactions.

Inattention examples:

  1. Difficulty focusing
  2. Problems listening
  3. Difficulty following instructions
  4. Inability to organize tasks and activities
  5. Making careless mistakes at school or work

Hyperactivity/impulsivity examples:

  1. Inability to sit still, fidgeting, or squirming
  2. Frequent interrupting
  3. Blurting out answers to questions
  4. Trouble waiting your turn
  5. Easily angered

ADHD patients often have a higher likelihood of co-occurring conditions like learning disabilities, anxiety, oppositional-defiant disorder, and other mood disorders.

Not everyone with a diagnosis of ADHD requires medication, but some patients benefit significantly from pharmacological treatment. Counseling can help you find self-acceptance and develop behavior modification strategies. It can also address coexisting conditions, such as anxiety or depression. At Fresh Start Behavioral Health inc., our team designs a combined approach to treatment to help you gain control over the symptoms that prevent you from realizing your full potential. Visit our offices in Dayton, West Carrolton, and Cincinnati Ohio to learn more.

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