What Is Considered Substance Abuse?

By: Our Team


A pattern of substance abuse may lead to significant impairments in daily functioning. It also affects relationships and job or school performance, and may result in legal and financial problems. Substance abuse encompasses a broad range of activities, but at its core, it refers to the misuse of alcohol, drugs, and prescription medications in a way that is harmful to both the physical and mental health of the individual. It goes beyond the occasional excessive consumption of alcohol or the experimental use of drugs, entering the realm of dependency and addiction. The staff at Fresh Start Behavioral Health, Inc., a mental health treatment and substance abuse support center that serves patients of almost all ages, understands the signs of substance abuse are crucial for early intervention and treatment in Dayton, OH.

The faces of substance abuse

Drug abuse and alcohol abuse are perhaps the most recognized forms of substance misuse. Drug abuse involves the chronic consumption of illegal substances or the misuse of legal ones, leading to addiction, whereas alcohol abuse is about the pattern of drinking that results in health issues or personal and professional problems. Prescription medication misuse, on the other hand, refers to taking medication in a manner or dose other than prescribed, including taking someone else's prescription, even for a legitimate medical complaint, such as pain.

The path to sobriety in Dayton, OH

One of the biggest questions for many dealing with these challenges is, "How do I get sober?" The path to sobriety is personal and complex, requiring professional support and a tailored treatment plan. This is where places like Fresh Start Behavioral Health, Inc. step in. Our dedicated team is committed to promoting wellness and recovery, helping individuals regain control of their lives through various outpatient services.

Comprehensive support for recovery

The journey to sobriety often involves multiple steps, including detoxification, counseling, and sometimes medication-assisted treatment. It's a holistic process that addresses not just the physical dependence on substances but also the psychological aspects of addiction. Fresh Start Behavioral Health, Inc. understands this complexity and offers a compassionate, comprehensive approach to treatment. Our programs are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual, supporting them through every step of their recovery journey.

Building a new life beyond substance abuse

Recovery from substance abuse is not just about getting sober; it's about building a new, healthier life. Fresh Start Behavioral Health, Inc. emphasizes the importance of aftercare and ongoing support to prevent relapse. Our approach to treatment is not just about stopping substance use but also about addressing the underlying issues that contribute to substance abuse. This can include mental health disorders, trauma, and stress management. By focusing on these areas, we help individuals develop the coping skills and resilience needed to maintain sobriety and enjoy a fulfilling life.

Regain control of your life

Substance abuse is a complex issue that affects not only the individual but also the family and community. Recognizing the signs of substance abuse and seeking professional help is the first step toward recovery. Fresh Start Behavioral Health, Inc. in Dayton, OH offers a compassionate and comprehensive approach to treatment, helping individuals overcome addiction and regain control of their lives. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, consider reaching out to Fresh Start Behavioral Health, Inc. Our team of professionals is ready to support you on your journey to wellness and recovery as you follow a path to a healthier, virtually substance-free life.

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