How Do I Know If I Have an Anxiety Disorder?

By: Our Team


Understanding whether you're dealing with an anxiety disorder can be challenging. Anxiety is a normal part of life, but when does it cross the line into a disorder? This is a question many people ask. An anxiety disorder goes beyond occasional worry or fear. It involves persistent and excessive anxiety that interferes with daily activities. Our certified counselors and mental health professionals at Fresh Start Behavioral Health, Inc. in Dayton, OH specialize in identifying and treating anxiety disorders, ensuring personalized mental health treatment for each individual.

What are the common symptoms of an anxiety disorder?

Recognizing the symptoms is the first step in identifying an anxiety disorder. These symptoms can vary in intensity and frequency and often persist for long periods. Key symptoms include:

  • Excessive worry or fear about various things, often feeling out of control
  • Physical symptoms include heart palpitations, sweating, trembling, dizziness, or shortness of breath
  • Avoiding situations or places due to fear or anxiety
  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep, often related to worry
  • Trouble focusing on tasks or daily activities due to anxiety

How is anxiety disorder different from normal anxiety?

It's essential to distinguish between normal anxiety and an anxiety disorder. Normal anxiety is a typical response to stress and usually subsides once the stressor is gone. However, with an anxiety disorder, the anxiety remains constant or even escalates over time, significantly impacting one's quality of life.

What causes anxiety disorders?

The exact cause of anxiety disorders is not fully understood, but a combination of factors is believed to play a role. These include genetic predisposition, brain chemistry, personality traits, and life events. People with a family history of anxiety or other mental health disorders are more susceptible to developing an anxiety disorder.

When should you seek help for your mental health?

If you're experiencing persistent and excessive anxiety that's affecting your daily life, it's important to seek professional help. Our team in Dayton, OH is here to support you through your journey. Seeking help for your mental health is especially crucial if:

  • Your anxiety feels overwhelming and uncontrollable
  • You're avoiding situations or activities you once enjoyed
  • Your anxiety is causing problems at work, school, or in relationships
  • You experience physical symptoms related to anxiety
  • You're having thoughts of self-harm or suicide

Embrace a path toward healing

Recognizing and admitting you might have an anxiety disorder is a significant first step. If you identify with the symptoms mentioned, consider contacting the counselors at Fresh Start Behavioral Health, Inc. in Dayton, OH. Effective treatments, including therapy, medication, and lifestyle changes, can help manage symptoms and improve quality of life. Remember, having an anxiety disorder is not a sign of weakness; seeking help is a brave and essential step toward healing and wellness.

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