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What Is Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse (or substance use disorder) refers to the misuse of alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription medication. A person with substance use disorder may have an addiction that makes it difficult for them to control their use of drugs or alcohol. Over time, this addiction can change their brain chemistry and behaviors, leading to psychological or physical harm. At Fresh Start Behavioral Health, Inc., we understand how addiction impacts individuals and their families. Our counselors are trained in addiction medicine and psychiatric care to help patients get to the root of their addiction and manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms. We're also pleased to offer an alcohol- and drug-free environment through our sober living house. If you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, there is no shame in seeking help to break free. Reach out to our office in West Carrollton, Dayton, or Cincinnati, OH to learn more about our substance abuse treatments.

How Do You Treat Alcohol and Drug Abuse?

We'll start with an initial psychiatric evaluation and diagnosis. During this first consultation, we'll ask about your substance use and how it has affected your relationships, home life, work, and more. We may also order blood tests or other lab work to help us get a better understanding of your overall health. Substance abuse treatments typically involve interventional, counseling or behavioral therapy, and prescription medication to curb cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Often, a person will be diagnosed with substance use disorder along with another mental health issue (called dual-diagnosis), which usually requires a mixture of treatment approaches to manage.

If you are in a situation where recovery might be harder due to your home environment, Fresh Start Behavioral Health, Inc. also operates sober living homes where you can get the help you need in a more stable, supportive setting.

This is a great place to be if u wanna be sober they help men and woman get there life's togther

D.B. Google

This program help me get my life back. I came in broken and they had my back the entire time. I am one of the first few clients to come to the program and I don't think I woulda made it this far without their full support.

M.S. Google

What a program!! The staff are awesome. Anyone needing treatment for substance abuse or any mental health issues, should really check this place out. Every need is catered to. I was welcomed with open arms and never judged. If I could give them 10 stars, I would. Thank you to all for everything you do!!

R.K. Google

Helped me get on my feet and recover from a seemingly hopeless state of body and mind.

S.W. Google

Learning slowly

J.L. Google


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Sustainable Recovery from Alcohol and Drug Abuse

If you are affected by drug or alcohol abuse, you may feel like your life is not in your own control. The compassionate team at Fresh Start Behavioral Health, Inc. is here to help you move forward and enjoy life without the burden of addiction. Schedule a substance abuse consultation at our Dayton, Cincinnati, or West Carrollton, OH office to begin.

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How do I know if I need help for an addiction?

In some cases, patients are aware that their addiction is negatively affecting one or more aspects of their life, such as their family, relationships, health, or job. Other times, patients may not be aware of the implications of their addiction until they are pointed out by a friend or loved one. If you or someone you know is showing signs of addiction and/or you suspect that an addiction is interfering with their health and well-being, don't hesitate to call us.

How long does it take to recover from an addiction?

Substance abuse recovery can be a lifelong journey in many cases, but it is important to understand that each patient's addiction, response to treatment, and overall journey is unique. Our caring team will work closely with you at each stage of your substance abuse treatment and recovery to help ensure you are successful in the long term.

Will I need inpatient therapy for substance abuse?

Again, each patient's journey with addiction and recovery is unique. In some cases, outpatient therapies are appropriate and effective for helping a patient overcome their addiction, while other patients may benefit most by an inpatient treatment, time in a sober living facility, or other option.

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